Volunteer Highlight

Meet Jeff Tozzer



Jeff is one of our most enthusiastic and tireless volunteers.  He is loved by Participants and Volunteers equally.  Jeff always has a helping hand, huge smile, and can be counted on to be the "class clown".  Here's a glimpse of the man behind that Smile.

"My husband and I operate a vacation rental, hosting people from all over coming to experience Sequim.  My Mom started it, and it was her pride and joy. Previously, I followed my childhood love of trains by becoming a railroad conductor and then a locomotive engineer, driving freight and passenger trains here in the Pacific Northwest. Before I drove trains, I was a flight attendant based in Washington D.C."

Where did you grow up?
"I am a fifth generation Sequimite, my Dad and sister are here, too. One of my favorite memories is my Mom taking a 3-year-old me down to the railroad tracks that passed near downtown to wave at the train crew passing by.  My husband and I live on my Great-Great Grandparents' farm where we take care of rescue cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and a barn cat!"

Daredevil or Spectator?

What are your favorite things outside of Tim's Place?
"I'm a homebody.  I enjoy mysteries (even though I never guess "Who Done It") and Cher - I've seen her in concert 7 times!"

Personal Motto?
"The best thing about being bald is that you can style your hair with a damp cloth."

You are OUR hero, but who is yours?
"My Mom.  She was incredible .. at least once a day I find myself asking - 'what would Mom do in this situation?'"

Executive Director Volunteer 

Meet Jackie Ragghianti


Jackie became involved in Tim's Place when we reopened after COVID shutdown in 2023, and has from the first day gone above and beyond. She saw that I was becoming overwhelmed with all of the tasks involved with planning, running, and growing the program, and she immediately asked how she could help.  With her administrative background, she was the perfect person to take over the scheduling, invoicing, and other administrative duties, so that I could focus on growing the program.  Jackie spent countless hours organizing a Tim's Place Auction that helped raise funds to keep our doors open, and on top of all of that, she creates the Tim's Place Newsletters, which keep both volunteers and caregivers informed about everything that happens at Tim's Place. 

Without hesitation Jackie has stepped in to meet our needs and help ease us through our growing pains so that we can provide this much needed service to our community, and all of us at Tim's Place are truly thankful!
 ~Rhonda Heyn